American Energy Oil & Gas (AEO&G) is a private holding company in the business of exploration and production of hydrocarbons in the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Our Structure

Three wholly owned subsidiary companies include:

Coastal Pipeline, LLC.

Coastal owns an 8 mile natural gas pipeline in Cameron Parish, LA that charges gas transportation fees to producing wells in the Kings Bayou and Pumpkin Ridge Fields. The pipeline is the only available transportation from these fields to the Chevron refinery.

IWR operating, LLC

IWR operates AEO&G’s drilling projects and ongoing well operations in Texas.

Exoro Energy, LLC.

Exoro operates AEO&G’s drilling projects and ongoing well operations.

Our Structure

Our Business Objectives and Strategies

We believe there is a compelling, long-term future in the domestic development of oil and natural gas using conventional methods and proven geo–science around the prolific salt domes along the Gulf Coast. While many Wall Street equity investors chase the "latest find" or "the new Saudi Arabia on U.S. soil" (the Bakken) or the hope of "a new Shale formation or "Unconventional Gas" (the Haynesville, the Barnett Shale, etc); AEO&G is applying the tried and true methods of finding and producing hydrocarbons in the likeliest places – where it has already been found! And proven to be developed profitably!

While many Wall Street equity investors chase the "latest find" AEO&G is applying the tried and true methods of finding and producing hydrocarbons...

We stay in the areas we know, where we have proven success, and over decades have developed expertise. Our primary objective is to build an E&P company by applying our corporate and human assets in a manner that will steadily build our operating cash flow, proven reserves, and return on equity. Our primary strategy is to acquire leaseholds within the areas that our geo-science team has identified. These target locations are based on our corporate owned 3D seismic and proprietary absorption analysis and provide the development of a balanced portfolio of proven reserves for both oil and natural gas.

Competitive Advantage

There are several advantages that we have over our competitors:

  • We own over 1,250 square miles of 3D Seismic that covers several of Louisiana’s most prolific producing salt domes, much of which data has never been seen by the industry. This allows us to generate our own internal prospects for development and/or sell them to industry partners on a promoted or marked-up basis. Most independent E&P companies purchase a prospect and then pursue development. Our geo-science team is well known and respected within the industry for their prospect generation capabilities (in other words – they have found lots of oil in their careers!).

  • Our geo-science team has developed, over the past ten years, a proprietary technical tool for 3D seismic absorption analysis. The success rate of applying this proprietary analysis has been over 82%. Few investors truly appreciate the risks associated with the oil and gas business and, for those that do, any technical advancement, particularly one that is proprietary, that can be proved to reduce dry hole risk is a welcomed advantage! Absorption analysis of 3D interpretation to lay men is looking at how energy is absorbed in what appears as a "trap of hydrocarbons" in seismic imaging and determining if the trap has commercial quantities of hydrocarbons versus a depleted or migrated trap.

  • Our geo-team has direct experience leading and directing exploration in the gulf coast regions for majors such as Burlington Resources and Conoco Phillips. During their tenure they were involved in many discoveries that where not economically worth pursuing for major companies due to reserve size and/or prices of oil and natural gas at the time. AEO&G is nominating and acquiring leaseholds in acreage positions where our management was directly involved in these non-pursued discoveries while at the Majors. These assets may not move the needle of the Majors but have the capability to catapult the primary objectives of increasing operating cash flow and proven reserves for AEO&G.